reports of the manifestation
on January 20th 2012
at OT301, Amsterdam

Thanks to everyone who made this event happen and documented it, organizers, OT301 crew, cooks from ADM, M2M, Patapoe, Spirit of Squatters collective, all poets, writers, musicians, artists, the Somali activists, drivers, helpers, THANK YOU ALL!

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Walk like a Somali

In november and december 2011 Somali refugees took action into their own hands and set up camp twice in front of the expulsion center in Ter Apel.

BEAT THE BORDERS invited them to come to the manifestation to tell their story. They came all the way from Ter Apel and Vught.

Read more about our Somali guests here!

- Pictures: Page 1 / Page 2

- Tekst en kunst van Beat the Borders

- More videos on this page!

M2M/Patapoe: Audio report

- M2M: Beat the borders - Walk like a Somali

- Blog by Peter Storms (in Dutch)

- Indymedia: (B)eat the Borders Manifestation. Videos and audios


Let's take no orders - Let's beat the borders
Let's cross the lines - Let's ignore the signs

Who were there?

Nico van Apeldoorn, Max Lerou, Pom Wolff, Joke Kaviaar, Birgit Parinussa, GW Sok, Harry Westerink, Cihan Ugural, Beter Weten, Peter Posthumus, Peter Storm, Joost van Kersbergen, Syd Arthur, The Factory, Professional Savage, The Bucket Boyz, Zibabu, Alejandra Slutzky, Jan Kees Helms, Klaas de Jonge, Elise Luyten, Theater van de Eindeloze Onzin, Loreli, Papa Sakho, Tristan, Reteq, Vluchtelingen Op Straat, Doorbraak, ASKV, AGA, United against racism, M2M, Patapoe, .. and you?

To share stories and ideas, to speak up and meet new people, to motivate, inspire, mobilize and liberate, to unite and join hands, to make plans, that's the idea!